Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 2011

My Art Journey Blog 1

This new year I am not yet working in my brand spanking new art studio, but I will be soon!
It is an amazing space and I am so excited.
My art journey has taken many twists and turns. 2011 I hope will be an amazing year full of exciting new projects!!
There are many things I'd like to accomplish this year, one of which is starting a BLOG
a place where I can post recent works.

GOALS for 2011
1. Getting and staying organized made the list AGAIN this year but this year I have a new art space to organize and I feel I actually have a fighting chance. We'll see how I do. Book shelves are being built and I'll be able to organize all my children's books, art history and art how to's and artists books all in one place. That in itself will be amazing! I'll have an area for drawing, oil painting, computer sketching , photography, an art library all in one space with a huge wall of north light windows that looks out into large maple trees. It feels as if I am up in a tree again :) ahhh I've combined my childhood loves: tree climbing and drawing!
2. Become a better writer. Develop endearing characters and wonderful stories that could develop into a series. I joined SCBWI today and hopefully will hone my writing skills through writing workshops as well as my painting skills at the amazing IMC Master Class at Amherst College. This will be my third year in attendance there. I'm very excited!

3. Start a blog! Sketch regularly and often and post sketches here!

4. Marketing: Do more school visits , book signings and develop a new website!

5. Exercise and eat healthy everyday. OK I joined some yoga, kickboxing, zumba classes today in a nearby town and joined Live strong. com finally! Soooo hopefully when I blog again I am a little more fit than I am today. THAT'S THE PLAN anyway.

Okay I think that's enough for now. Those are some lofty goals but doable.

onward and upward!,